Privacy Policies does not sell or give away any personal information – including names, addresses, e-mails, phone numbers, etc. – collected for business purposes to any businesses or individuals not directly related to the service performed. and Your Business Information

Because consults with different businesses, it is important for us to emphasize our confidentiality code. maintains the strictest confidentiality of all materials, proprietary data, software source codes, financial information, customer lists, and other intellectual property our consultants encounter while services are being rendered. does not disclose such confidential information to any other party or use such confidential information for its own purposes. protects confidential information from disclosure using the same or higher standards as it uses to protect its own confidential information. and Your Personal Information does not in of itself collect personal information about its website visitors other than basic traffic statistics including each visitor's IP address, browser type, and other technical data.

It is the policy of that any type of identifiable information obtained about visitors either voluntarily or involuntarily is NOT to be shared with any other businesses. That includes e-mail addresses of people who write to via the Contact Us page for legitimate purposes.

Spammer Exception

Exceptions to the above policy may be made in regard to businesses and individuals who send e-mail to or call by telephone as part of an uninvited marketing campaign. respects and utilizes REPUTABLE online marketing techniques. Marketing and advertising companies along with their affiliates who send unsolicited e-mail messages to, however, are considered to be spammers and in violation of the Terms of Use.

Vendors and Your Personal Information does partner with vendors as an affiliate in order to offer sales of items related to's content. Each of these vendors has its own privacy policy. Any personally identifiable information you provide to vendors who sell products via this website is NOT shared with This includes your name, address, account info, e-mail address, etc. The only information may have access to is a listing of items purchased from the vendor via this website. No personal information about the purchaser is shared with Below is a list of vendors who may be affiliated with at various times along with a link to their privacy policies. site visitors should be aware that vendors who offer products and services via this website may use tracking devices such as cookies and Web beacons to analyze user browsing habits. encourages all Internet users to regularly run Internet security applications such as anti-virus, spyware, and ad tracking software, as well as regularly emptying their browser cache.

Vendors and Their Privacy Polices is affiliated with the vendors below and encourages site visitors to be familiar with their privacy policies.

Google AdSense

Most pages display contextual ads generated by Google AdSense. Google has made updates in its use of the DoubleClick DART cookie. When you view or click on a Google AdSense ad (on and other Google AdSense partner sites), this cookie may be dropped in your browser. Google uses this DoubleClick DART cookie to analyze which ads to display on the page you are viewing, based upon your browsing history. You can OPT-OUT of this cookie at Google's ad and content policy page by clicking the link below.

Liability Exclusion

When you purchase items from a vendor via this website, you agree to hold and its partners harmless for any dispute that might arise between you and the vendor who sold the product or service. All transactions that take place during the purchasing of items on this website are managed by the vendor unless specifically noted by

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This document was updated July 27, 2009.