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Consumer Bank Account Scam – A Case Study

In the summer of 2005, received several calls from individuals and businesses who were finding charges for $9.95 on their credit cards or checking account statements from a business listed as “Bizdocuments (now LLC).”, Inc. had no connection with this charge, but we decided to investigate.

These thieves were able to acquire bank account information for a group of people and businesses. It is not clear how they got this information but there are many easy ways your account data can be stolen. From what we could deduce, the thieves figured that a small charge such as $9.95 might not be noticed. We do not know how the thieves decided on using the name “Bizdocuments (now LLC)” as the company making the charge. We could not find a record of any such company.

It was this incident that inspired to post information about identity theft to help increase awareness on how to prevent it and what should be done if you are victimized.

What Did When The Scam Was Revealed

Once it was clear a scam had taken place, began tracking the calls received about the charge. We posted the following notice on our website:

People and businesses are contacting concerning charges that are appearing on their credit card/bank statements for $9.95 from a company called “Bizdocuments LLC,” or “Bizdocuments (now LLC).” This company is not associated with, Inc.

We strongly urge you to contact your financial institution immediately if you see any credit card or ACH debits from a company called Bizdocuments LLC., Inc. never charges any credit cards without written authorization (signature) from the cardholder.

Some of these financial statements are showing a phone number associated with the charge. That number is (501) 644-1503. This is an Arkansas phone number., Inc. is located in Greensboro, NC.

From what we able to ascertain, the carrier for this number is Telcove (formerly Adelphia Business Solutions) in Little Rock, Arkansas. We have contacted Telcove but were not able to get any details about the registrant of this phone number. You can contact Telcove directly at (501) 604-1700 to inquire about this phone number., Inc. has no way of knowing if that phone number belongs to the scammer or if the scammer is using this phone number to scam another company.

By posting these details on the Internet, people were able to find us in the search engines and get the details on the scam. Several people contacted us to say they were able to use this information to get their banks to credit the charge to their accounts.

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