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Editorial Services Overview

The Editorial Services industry deals with a wide variety of text-based materials, and can be divided into two broad categories: writing and editing.

Examples of the types of documents produced by writing services include (but are not limited to) articles and advertorials for print and online publications, business plans, analysis documents, reports, and technical specifications. Just as important in creating a polished document is proper editing, whether it is the proofreading or light line-editing required to sharpen basic copy or the substantive editing and fact-checking needed for intricate specifications.

Companies who need to produce quality documentation but do not have the resources in-house to do so, or who find themselves with an unexpected demand for written deliverables, benefit from the assistance provided by Editorial Services firms. Whether you are creating basic copy or complex documentation packages, hiring a professional Editorial Services firm can help your business achieve accurate, timely publications and deliverables.

Editorials Services range from basic copy writing to full-service printing enterprises. falls in the middle. Our focus is on the analysis and writing of well-formatted business, technical, and marketing documentation.